The Longest Story in the World

What is it?

5 day residencies-bridging/healing communities- engaging international

artists to run workshops for children-of all abilities including children

with special needs, from ethnic minorities and those in state and private education leading to a performance to local communities.


Children’s perspectives of how the world began, life in towns, villages and cities, leaders of the world- celebrations of culture through

dance, music, art & crafts, song, theatre and storytelling using different

languages and expression!

Challenging and celebrating children’s potential as individuals as team

players- promoting confidence, self belief and encouraging understanding and acceptance of difference

Where does it take place?

In theatres and arts space, cultural centres and schools

Which countries are involved?

Bangladesh, Romania, Uk, Spain, Rwanda

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The Magic of Storytelling

Under the direction of international theatre director Andy Graham, children participate in a 30 minute workshop which looks at the themes in the following stories and then hear the dramatic stories from around the world in one special performance.

• Me and the Gorilla - the story of boy from a war-torn African village rescued by a gorilla

• Me and You - the story of two children living on either side of the wall that divides their city who find everlasting friendship

• Me and the Orange Rock - an aboriginal girl, about to make history in the greatest race of her life, remembers her home and where she has come from

After the performance the children return to the classroom

to start writing their own stories inspired by the

workshop and performance.

The best stories can be entered into a national competition!

Suitable for 7-11 year olds.

Touring September, October and November 2013

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"El Mon es Nostre"(TheWorld is Ours)

El Mon es Nostre (The World is Ours) is aimed at integrating children from different nationalities, all of whom of living in the beautiful town of Calogne but seldom meet. They will have a unique artistic experience- Dance, Animation, Arts and Crafts, Physical Theatre and Spellbinding Drama workshops led by international artists will take place throughout the week.  This project is perfect for bringing children together to share their differences and put on a show about the world as they see it with the help of international artists from Italy, the UK, Poland and Catalunya.

For every 100 pounds or 120 euros raised is a free place to those families who are really hard up so do what you can to help. you can make a donation by contacting us directly 0034 972 113 971 or Mike Wood (company secretary) 01279 654 369 or through Facebook or through our charity fund raising account go to or

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